SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE 60°
Aufnahmewinkel: 60°
Image transmission - one picture for less than two cent! No registration fee No user fee No subscription costs No minimum purchase No contract period You only pay for image credit packages Transparent prices, no monthly fees Strictly according to our motto "Simple. Secure." we rely on a prepaid system for our mobile cameras: As a new customer, you receive a starting credit of 100 image transmissions when you register your first SECACAM, so you can get started right away. When the credit runs out, you can easily purchase additional image packages via your user account in the Control Center or the app. This gives you full control over the use of your SECACAM mobile. Please note: Since the image credit is credited immediately after purchase, purchasing is only possible via direct payment methods such as PayPal and credit card. Current network standard Thanks to a 4G module, the camera transmits via the LTE network and thus significantly faster than 3G wildlife cameras or GPRS wildlife cameras. In addition, you benefit from the high 4G coverage Of course, the camera is also backward compatible and can automatically log into 3G and 2G network if there is no 4G network at the installation site. High-quality day and night shots For the first time, our image sensor CMOS-33.5 is used in the Pro Plus mobile. This makes daytime and nighttime shots noticeably sharper and richer in contrast - this applies both to photos and especially to videos. The 60 built-in Black-LEDs and automatic lighting correction skillfully complement the image sensor for impressive night shots. The flash is invisible to animals and humans. Get pictures quickly on your smartphone The photos not only have a higher quality, but thanks to the new chipset SC-63 they are also processed even faster: The photos are stored faster and can be sent even faster - especially for home monitoring an exciting feature! Another benefit: Faster image processing allows the camera to switch back to energy-saving standby mode sooner, saving battery life. Receive images EU-wide With the Pro Plus mobile LTE, we are moving away from our system with two SIM card versions to a simpler solution: There is only one version for the entire EU. That means no matter in which EU country you use the Pro Plus mobile LTE - the camera will send you pictures. You will look in vain for a catch here - there are no additional settings or extra costs necessary; the image sending costs are identical throughout the EU. Save space and still see more The new SC-63 chip also makes its presence felt with intelligent image compression. With the same file size, the sent photos now have a resolution of 1920x1440 pixels, which is about 2.5 times higher. This gives you the possibility to see even more details without using more storage space. Super fast response and recording time With a response time of just 400 milliseconds, the SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE reacts at lightning speed to all people and animals that cross it. In addition, the series recording mode is available. If it is turned on, all photos are taken within one second. So you get with photos even the smallest movement captured. Most comfortable housing Thanks to the comfortable Pro housing, you have the ability to make adjustments to your camera without removing it from its mount. The display is located on the front of the camera. This also makes it much easier to find the right position for the camera, since you can control the desired shooting area live on the display. For easier operation at night, the Pro Plus mobile is also equipped with illuminated menu buttons. Thoughtful design: Incredibly flexible mounting Thanks to the numerous mounting options on the back, the Pro Plus mobile can be attached in a variety of ways. The scope of delivery includes the practical mounting strap, with which the camera can be placed well on trees, for example. The SECACAM can also be hung on a nail thanks to the corresponding device. For even more flexibility, a tripod can be screwed onto the top or bottom of the camera. A corresponding device is also available for a cable lock, so that you can protect your camera additionally against theft. Quickly and easily replace batteries The Pro Plus mobile does not need to be removed to replace the batteries. After you have opened the front flap, a push of a button is enough for the battery compartment to slide down out of the camera. This battery compartment can be removed, loaded with new batteries, and pushed back into the camera. So even a permanent, fixed mounting is no longer a problem for the SECACAM. German quality service Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why you will find a detailed, Multi-language user manual in the scope of delivery of the SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE, in which you can learn everything you need to know about functions, settings and possible uses. However, if you have any questions or problems, our customer service team will be happy to help you by phone and e-mail. Scope of delivery The SECACAM Pro Plus includes an already inserted 8 GB memory card and 8 inserted batteries. So you can get started right away. The remote control is also already equipped with a matching button battery. Also included is a handymounting strap, a USB-cable to connect to your computer or notebook, and an instruction manual. The time and date are already set. Technical data Model SECACAM Pro Plus mobile LTE Image sensor 5.0 MP standard, 12.0 MP (interpolation) Screen 6.35 cm (TFT-LCD color display) Videoresolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 LEDs 60 Black LEDs (940 nm invisible) Response time approx. 0.4 seconds Infrared sensor PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high) Sensor range up to 15 meters Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB Connectors External power supply, mini USB Power supply 8x batteries type LR6 (AA) or 8x rechargeable batteries type LR6 (AA) Standby time up to 6 months Dimensions ca. 13,5 (H) x 11,0 (W) x 7,5 (D) cm Weatherproof Protection class IP 66

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The safe all-round talent with the 52°-angle Not only the weatherproofing, the numerous mounting options and the wireless operation make the SECACAM Raptor versatile. The 52° shooting angle corresponds to a standard lens, so the camera achieves ideal photo results in a wide range of shooting situations - whether you use the camera in narrow spaces or outdoors to monitor distant objects. Just get started right away When the SECACAM Raptor arrives at your home, all you have to do is open the package and turn on the camera - and it's ready to go! Not only are the 8 batteries already inserted, as well as the 8 GB memory card. We've also set the correct time and date and preconfigured the appropriate settings so you can get started right away. Thanks to the multi-language, clear and illustrated operating instructions the adjustment of the functions is very easy. Taking detailed photos and videos even at night Recognize with ease everything that hovers in front of your SECACAM's lens! The SECACAM Raptor has the ability to take photos and record video. The Raptor's native photo resolution is 5 megapixels, and videos are recorded in full HD (1080p). With these high-resolution recordings, hunting criminals and observing animals is easy. Thanks to the bright black LEDs, motion blur is reduced. The SECACAM Raptor thus provides sharp and detailed images even in complete darkness up to a range of 20 meters. Invisible and unnoticed thanks to Black LEDs Perfect for property surveillance: Take widely illuminated shots with the SECACAM Raptor even at night, without the people or animals in front of the lens noticing. How does it work? The solution is no-glow technology: under the SECACAM Raptor's large dark surfaces are 56 black LEDs that emit a light pulse with a wavelength of 940 nm. This flash is not visible to humans or animals. Alternative uses In addition to monitoring properties and securing property, the SECACAM can be used for a variety of purposes. With the time-lapse mode, your SECACAM shoots photos in a freely definable time interval, which you can later edit into a time-lapse video. Follow your house construction or your garden plants as they grow. Use SECACAM to see what your pets are doing when you are away and check if a marten is approaching your car. Best suited for long-term use Super Practical: Align the SECACAM and only check on recordings when it's worth it. With a maximum standby time of 6 months, the SECACAM offers the best conditions for long-term monitoring. Approximately 4000 photos fit on an 8 GB memory card. As soon as the memory card is full, the oldest images are overwritten by the newest images when the overwrite mode is turned on. So you don't have to worry about storage space. The time stamp on the photos gives you the opportunity to track each photo, on which day and at what time it was taken - even the moon phase is additionally faded in. Top quality and service from the germany We have the claim to offer you not only a high-quality product, but also to provide you with an uncomplicated ordering process, fast delivery and the best support. That is why we have decided to centralize all our departments in one location. Product development, quality assurance, shipping and support all take place in our beautiful factory in Cologne. Each SECACAM is functionally tested before shipment. If you have a question about your order, you can reach via e-mail. Scope of delivery With the SECACAM HomeVista you get: An already inserted 8GB SD memory card, eight inserted batteries, a handy mounting strap, a USB cable to connect to your computer or laptop, a video cable to connect to your TV and a German user manual Technical Specifications Model SECACAM Raptor Image sensor 5.0 MP Standard, 8.0 MP (Interpolation), 12.0 MP (Interpolation) Screen 2" (TFT-LCD color display) Videoresolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 LEDs 56 Black LEDs (940 nm invisible) Reaction time approx. 0.4 seconds Infrared sensor PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high) Sensor range up to 15 meters Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB Connectors External power supply, mini-USB, TV-out Power supply 8x batteries type LR6 (AA) or 8x rechargeable batteries type LR6 (AA) Standby time up to 6 months Dimensions approx. 13.1 (H) x 9.8 (W) x 7.7 (D) cm Weatherproof Protection class IP 54

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SECACAM Wild-Vision
Unpack & Launch As soon as the Wild Vision arrives, you can start right away! We have already made all the settings for you and equipped the game camera with memory card and batteries. Just unpack, switch on and start shooting! Whether in the garden, on your patio or at the hunting ground: You can immediately attach the Wild-Vision to the desired location to achieve quick results. Of course, you can change the settings according to your individual wishes and operating conditions. Should you need help despite the very simple operation, you will quickly find an answer in the Multi-language and understandable user manual. Excellent image quality The Wild Vision captures images and videos in impressive quality - day and night. For photos, you can choose between 5, 8 and 12 megapixels. You can record videos in 1080p, 720p and VGA quality. The recordings are high-resolution and offer detailed and thus revealing insights even in the dark. It doesn't matter whether you want to track down a burglar or an animal visitor. Invisible to humans and animals The Wild-Vision is ideal for securing your property. The game camera remains completly unnoticed, as it remains completely undetected thanks to invisible Black LEDs, camouflage camouflage and silent trigger. The Black LEDs operate with a light pulse at 940nm wavelength. Undetected for humans and animals, but in the result fully illuminated and razor sharp. With a range of up to 20 meters, nothing escapes the wild vision! Various applications With the Wild-Vision you can not only monitor your property and your garden. The camera has special features such as the time-lapse mode, with which you can create great shots of your house construction or your favorite growing plants. Also handy is the Wild Vision to discover what your pets are up to in your absence. Your Wild-Vision in easy continuous use The Wild-Vision is designed to help you achieve maximum results with minimal preparation. All you have to do is place the game camera; the technology does the rest for you. A standby time of up to 6 months ensures that you rarely need to check the camera. The already inserted 8 GB SD card offers space for approx. 2,700 photos or 37 minutes of video recordings. Especially practical: If you set the overwrite mode, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest shots with the new ones. This means you no longer have to worry about storage space. The date and time of the recordings can be easily recognized by the time stamp. Exemplary service and top quality from Germany It is particularly important to us that you not only receive a great product, but that you are also completely satisfied beyond that. That's why we take every step into our own hands: from product development to quality assurance and packaging to shipping and customer service. All departments work closely together at one location in Cologne to provide you with fast and uncomplicated customer support. If you have a question or a problem, you can reach us by mail or phone - the latter even free of charge from Germany. Scope of delivery With the premium pack of the Wild-Vision Full HD 5.0 you get an already inserted 8 GB SD memory card, four inserted battery, a practical mounting strap for the camera, a USB cable for connection to PC or laptop, a video cable for playback on the TV and a comprehensible instruction manual. Technical data Model Wild-Vision Full HD 5.0 Image sensor 5.0 MP standard, 12.0 MP (interpolation) Screen 5.2 cm (TFT-LCD color display) Video resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 LEDs 40 Black LEDs (940 nm invisible) Response time less than one second Infrared sensor PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity Sensor range up to 20 meters Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB Connectors External power supply, mini-USB, TV-out Power supply 4x or 8x batteries type LR6 (AA) or 4x or 8x rechargeable batteries type LR6 (AA) Standby time Up to 6 months Dimensions ca. 13,1 (H) x 9,9 (W) x 7,7 (D) cm

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Our environment is full of surprises. Many of them happen without us taking notice. SECACAM looks when you cannot. Provide security for everything that is important to you or rediscover nature with a SECACAM wildlife camera. Give trust in german brand quality like thousands of customers : Each copy of our SECACAM undergoes a strict quality control at our headquarters in Cologne. A detailed english user manual and english customer support are of course given.
All our wildlife cameras have a high quality image sensor and a modern chipset, which enables a fast response time. We fully rely on sophisticated no-glow technology and only use black LEDs, whose flash is not visible. You receive your SECACAM ready to use: With an inserted memory card and a first set of inserted batteries. Our broadcast-ready cameras are all equipped with an integrated SIM card and can send via the 4G network.