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Sturdy and weatherproof like never before

A sturdy, weatherproof housing is extremely crucial for a game camera. The level of weather resistance of a device is determined by a protection class. The SECACAM Pro Plus was able to achieve the IP66 protection class in the test. This means that its housing is absolutely impervious to dust and strong jets of water. Firmly mounted, it thus survives even the wildest weather.

Optimum Night Vision

We've also relied on our proven Dark Motion Freeze technology with the SECACAM Pro Plus, so it takes crisp, sharp shots even at night. With 60 LEDs, the Pro Plus has more LEDs than any other SECACAM. However, you don't have to worry about overexposure: The automatic exposure control prevents this.

Because they are black LEDs, the flash is invisible to people and animals. So your camera always remains undetected.

Includes convenient remote control

With the remote control you can switch the SECACAM Pro Plus on and off from a distance of up to 3 meters. Let's say you leave your house to go shopping and no one is home in this meantime. Then the SECACAM Pro Plus can be switched on with the remote control and keeps an eye on your garden. If you come back home and want to do some gardening work without being recorded by your SECACAM, it is simply turned off with the remote control.

Handy operation

Exchanges with our customers about their use of our cameras inspired us to make a decisive improvement to the design: with the SECACAM Pro Plus, the display and control panel are located on the front of the camera. This gives you the ability to make adjustments to your camera without removing it from its mount. In addition, it is much easier to find the right position for the camera, because you can control the desired shooting area live on the display.

For easier operation at night, the SECACAM Pro Plus is also equipped with illuminated buttons.

Thoughtful design: Incredibly flexible mounting

The SECACAM Pro Plus is designed as an outdoor camera and must therefore be able to stand its ground in a wide variety of environments. Thanks to the numerous mounting options on the backside, the SECACAM Pro Plus can be attached in a wide variety of ways. Included is the practical mounting tape, with which the camera can be well placed on Trees, for example.

The SECACAM can also be hung on a nail thanks to the corresponding device. For even more flexibility, a tripod can be screwed onto the top or bottom of the camera. Also for a cable lock is the appropriate device available, so you can protect your camera additionally against theft.

A padlock can also be used to lock the front flap of the SECACAM Pro Plus against unwanted access.

Quickly and easily replace batteries

You don't have to remove the SECACAM Pro Plus to replace the batteries. After you open the front door, just press a button and the battery compartment will slide down and out of the camera. This battery compartment can be removed, loaded with new batteries, and pushed back into the camera. So even a permanent, fixed mounting is no longer a problem for the SECACAM.

Super-fast response and recording time

With a response time of just 400 milliseconds, the SECACAM Pro Plus reacts at lightning speed to all people and animals that cross it. What's more, there's a special mode hidden in the menu: in continuous shooting, you can set the photos to all be taken within one second. This way you can capture even the smallest movements with photos.

German quality service

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. That's why the SECACAM Pro Plus comes with a detailed, Multi-language user manual that tells you everything you need to know about functions, settings and possible uses. However, if you have any questions or problems, our customer service team will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

Scope of delivery

The SECACAM Pro Plus includes an already inserted 8 GB memory card and 8 inserted batteries. So you can get started right away. The remote control is also already equipped with a matching button battery. Also included is a handymounting strap, a USB-cable to connect to your computer or notebook, and an instruction manual. The time and date are already set.

Technical data

Model SECACAM Pro Plus
Image sensor 5.0 MP standard, 12.0 MP (interpolation)
Screen 6.35 cm (TFT-LCD color display)
Videoreslution Full HD 1920 x 1080
LEDs 60 Black LEDs (940 nm invisible)
Reaction time approx. 0.4 seconds
Infrared sensor PIR sensor, adjustable sensitivity (low, medium, high)
Sensor range up to 15 meters
Memory SD or SDHC up to 32 GB
Connectors External power supply, mini USB
Power supply 8x batteries type LR6 (AA) or 8x rechargeable batteries type LR6 (AA)
Standby time up to 6 months
Dimensions ca. 13,5 (H) x 11,0 (W) x 7,5 (D) cm
Weatherproof Protection class IP 66


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